Quick Connects


3/8" Stainless NPT-F - $12.99


1/4" Stainless NPT-F - $10.99


3/8" Stainless NPT-M - $12.99


1/4" Stainless NPT-M - $10.99

Spray Guns & Wands

Suttner ST1500 Spray Gun - Non Weep 10.5 GPM 5000 PSI - $52.99

Suttner ST2605 Anti Fatigue Easy Pull - $75.99

Hydrotek 20 Ft Extension Wash Pole

The Hydro Tek 20 foot wash extension pole system offers additional features and rigidity not found with other telescopic or extension wands. This package includes a comfort brace gun holder, shoulder harness, 19' jumper hose, three sections of 6' poles, and spray head attachment. Max ratings: 4500PSI / 250F. Designed to accept Suttner ST1500 or Hydro Tek VG200 trigger gun. Gun and twist coupler (AVGH0) not included. - $395.99

Muck Scupper

Sludge & Slurry Evacuation Tool-(Dropdown Tab, Sz 4.0- $145.99 Sz-5.0-$149.99)

Turn your pressure washer into a sludge, slurry, water evacuation tool. Pressure energy of spray from pressure washer wand creates suction that pulls water, up to 87gpm, through a 15' heavy wall 1½" discharge hose. Ideal for cleanout of sump pots, draining a fountain or pond, and flood cleanup.

Longer hose lengths available, $12/foot